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(5) Five daily habits that can change your life

To build a habit is challenge that you’ll take for days and days, it is not easy to get used to something that you’re not familiar with, or something that you will take energy and patience and time from you in order to allow your mind and body to get at ease with it.

Most of us gets in bad at night and at that moment your mind and soul starts the motivation engine, yeah that’s right, at the moment when you’re getting to bed there it comes the most powerful you and starts to build dreams of your future you, at the moment when you’re so tired after a very long day, the powerful you comes at your door and begins with showing you your bad rituals and bad things that you do & then he starts to get you motivated to change.

I personally can confirm that i never woke up with the same motivation, i never woke up with that powerful me that came at night, the powerful me comes only when my eyes start to close.

Well it’s good to have that power and motivation by night, it’s really a very good thing to receive all that huge data that integer you mind at late night, but it’s not good at all to let it go by closing your eyes and starting to plan what will you do tomorrow. yeah !!!! it is not good at all to start planing for tomorrow when you’re at bed cause you’re already asleep, tired, weak, so in order to keep that hope of change you’ll need to keep a trace of the powerful you, in other words, you’ll need to keep that data which you receive at night, gather it, all that motivation, all those bad habits, all those plans that comes into your mind & all the solutions available at that time, define them in very strict way and then WRITE THEM, KEEP THEM ON YOUR NOTEBOOK, REGISTER THEM SO THAT IT WON’T GO AWAY.

“Verba volant, scripta manent”

in other words :

“spoken words fly away, written words remain”

if you don’t write down your ideas, if you don’t keep a black on white register of your plans, motivations, thinkings, images & all what you get in your mind, believe me you’re not going to grow in further, do not say that you’ll remember to do that & that & that, or you’ll do this plan and you’ll stick to it. Once you’re awake, your mind won’t allow you to remember as you got him a lot of processing time to remember and a lot of thoughts that it cannot have access.

To sum up, your mind is powerful enough to keep your track and get you to safe roads and process plans for you, but you’re the master of your mind if you don’t shape it and model it and use it in perfect way toward your dreams and visions, it will not get mine gold for you or manufacture diamonds for you, you get him the data needed for you dreams and plans and it will trace path and signs to help you get throughout the obstacles that will come along.

Here i will list 5 simple habits that will help you to make the change that you want with your life:

  • Write down all :

As expressed before, you’ll need to write down all your thoughts and ideas, there’s no harm at all to make a To Do List available with you all the time, no one will laugh at you and makes jokes about you if you keep your notebook all day with you (in all cases if he does, he’s the loser though), once you are keeping a written plan in your hand, you’ll keep yourself sticked into it cause you’ll be motivated to see it every time you remember one of your dream, you’ll appreciate it every time you get a new idea in mind and you have where to register it, or developing idea that may complete one of your points.

keep a schedule of your daily actions ( work, exercise, spirituals, reading, studies, …), try to stick at 50% of it at your first day & develop it within days, try to just 1% every day, you’ll notice a very big change within two months.

Register motivational quotes & saying of your favorite speaker or writer, and get used to look at it randomly during the day, it will keep you focused and will refresh your internal energy.

  • Make a positive morning routine :

Simple as it may seems to be “making my bed”, i swear this is was my first habit that developed, i noticed that the day when i let the bed on it’s status i really get a bad mood during the day, i come back home and find it like that i get nervous and stressed, while when i do make my bed it’s a very changing action, especially when you get back home and you find your home with everything is on it’s place, you really get relieved.

Start your small morning routine, try different things and order them as you wish: make you bed, wash you face and hands, make your coffee, make your complete breakfast, turn on radio, turn on news, get your morning newspaper, go for a walk, have your shower, get your fun time with your kids, get your fun time with you pet, … these are different things that you have to adjust at your choices and your personal routine.

But it has to be, as stated above, a POSITIVE ROUTINE, you need to do things that get you to build the positive idea of your current day, it has to be a routine that will create a positive mood to start your long day.

And the earlier you wake the more you create time for you to enjoy your morning.

  • feed your mind

(Read, Read, read !!!) & (Listen, Listen, Listen!!!). this is the summary, the most successful people are those who read the most, read different kind of books, do not stick into your favorite literature theme, read all kinds of books, read and focus on your reading so that you extract the meaningful ideas and seek between the lines, read it once to understand the general meaning & read it twice to encompass the whole knowledge.

Once you read the articles, books, poems, news,… after a while you’ll start to read between the lines, you’ll start to differentiate from other people, you will be able to get a fruitful reading from short lines, you’ll be able to think differently as to focus on the subject that you’re interested to, and to begin studying all the possible cases and you’ll start to reach a higher level of knowledge treatment.

  • exercise

We cannot focus on our minds and forget about our body, it’s not a good idea to let down your body and your physical health, it’s mandatory to enhance your physical power that will keep your energy at it’s higher levels.

Your mind is nourished by the power supplied by your heart and your body, so you definitely need to keep a sharp schedule for this matter, as mentioned before you will need to keep exercising as part of your daily schedule.

Also exercising will help you to develop a great thing which is to be a single tasker, most of people keep bragging of the fact that they are mastering to be multi tasks heroes, “one day or another they will finish by ruining all down”, gambling with multiple tasks is a good thing if you really master a thing over another but you cannot master all, so focusing on a thing to complete is and start another is perfect habit to keep you focused and well organized.

  • appreciate and build positivity

Be grateful to what you have in hands, appreciate the thing that are already positive in your life, get your thinking off all the negatives, it’s important to register the bad habits that you do not appreciate, but not to remember them all day long, you really need to register them as to erase them from your mind, and day by day you’ll start noticing the magic happens.

Be Surrounded by positive people, laugh with friends and family a lot, get some fun into you life, play with kids & spend time with them, watch & read comics, start your morning with a smile, it’s very important to feel joy in your daily life.

Help others and make them feel same, happiness and joy are contagious, when you see other people smiling, you’ll be too.

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”
― Albert Camus

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones.
― Benjamin Franklin

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Shy and Scared of people. How can I change my life?

The most thing which’s killing most shy people ( introvert in a special mention), is to meet new faces, is to be in front of a situation that requires interaction with new people, to talk to them and make daily talks. it is quite easier when it concerns talking about work purposes or special subjects that call for small talk & Q-A (Question-Answer) talks, but these situation does require sometime to develop the conversation in another level which will make the person strongly present in his surroundings and his space.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

The question “how can i change my life” , can be asked in another way, cause it’s not always about how you’re living you’re life, May be the life you’re having is better than 70% of all the population in your country or more, maybe changing your life will make life worst for you, we cannot change life but we can improve ourselves and improve the situations we’re encountering.

Before telling you small steps that are efficient to help you beating shyness and make you strong against these scary situation, let’s talk about a special word which is mentioned above, “SCARED OF PEOPLE”, if you look deeply into this you will regret saying that, cause who’s that person on earth that will make your life hard? you’re the master of your life, scared of people, meaning that all persons you meet are going to do something bad to you & will hurt you, which is not correct at all, what the worst thing that can happen, they will laugh at you, maybe they will talk about you on your back, or they will take a small picture of you in their minds, but what will they earn from it, nothing absolutely nothing, they are just making their heads full of unwanted and non useful things, and what is it for you in that, you’re gaining experience for meeting them, having new ideas from them, it’s a 100% beneficial situation for you, perhaps it’s A SCARY SITUATION but not SCARY PEOPLE, that way you’re just putting them in higher level than you and this is will make the situation worst.

believe in yourself first, cause you know a lot and you experienced a lot, you’re always on top of every Human being, you have something and you know something that the others have not.

here i will put you through some tips that will help you overcome these situations:

  • Be Confident:

Most important thing, be confident, act confident. Maybe at first you’ll be acting it but step by another you’ll gain it and will be one of your most valuable features.

Try to maintain your actions as to show others that you’re definitely not scared, and i repeat this one, show them that you’re not scared, cause once they feel your fear they will try to take profit from you, which will not be helpful.

Keep eye contact, get closer to your opponent, shake hands in strong way, engage first in the first talks, even that you’re not good at talking but engage first in saying “hello”, this will improve your position and will give you a first star in your being confident process.

  • Focus and be mindful

Once you are in, never think about getting back. this is to mean, once you make the first talk with people, do not think about yourself and distract your mind with harmful thoughts, keep your thoughts and feelings arranged and inline with your “being confident” process, also a very important thing, is to be a good listener, this will let you take time to chain your ideas and will help you set your next words.

mindfulness will let you speak with clear voice and this is very important to show off your confident person

  • Be you (“be vulnerable”)

Once you meet new people & as always, everyone will start making the picture of your personality, this is the normal human being process, even you, you will start shaping people mind in your head, so you have to give others the real image of you, do not fake yourself to show that you’re a special person just be you, show other the real you so that they will get the real picture of you. this will enhance your position among the group that you’re engaged in people will start considering you and involving you in the conversations.

I know that i’ve mentioned before that you have to act confident but this is a quality that you’re intending to build and not something that you will fake just to impress people and one time use, they will discover the real you sooner or later and then you’ll be in worst position, so act with qualities you want to build (confident, intellectual, caring …) and not ( cool, fun famous person, careless …) these last they will only harm you later.

  • Talk about anything

The conversations in a group of people will generate a lot of subjects and ideas that will be coming & going, try to engage don’t sit back and listen only, try to talk even with that one sentence that you have in mind ( and this is will be my next point) ,just express those Three, four, five words that you have in mind.

The shyness will not be beaten if you sit back and close your self in that box of dark thoughts, listen to people and say something, anything related to that subject even that you’re not expert in it, you have always that door of questions to open, if you really don’t have an idea about the subject, just ask questions about what you do not know, you will be able to answer later to questions that will be asked for you, just do not sit silent. believe me it will make things harder then ever.

  • Get out of the box

the most killing thing is that shy and timid people, they always have something to say, but they keep it to themselves, WHY ? afraid that they will judge you? afraid that they will shut you up? afraid that you’ll be the center of a laughing community?

you’re right this might happen, but you can always change it:

– if they got judgements, you can change their thoughts, cause you’ll engage again and again and you will prove you point

– if they shut you up. NO they won’t, no one can shut you up. you can say whatever you like

– if they start laughing. OKEY , Great let us make it a joke laugh with them and continue with your talk. no problem at all.

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5 thing to stop worrying about every little border in your life

You’re probably wondering & asking your self why should i care about the image that people are drawing about me, why i’m getting frustrated about how the day will go when i go out, why is it too hard to accept what i really want to do?

All these questions make life hard enough to get throughout your day, yeah it’s really a heavy luggage on your back, but get this you’re getting anxious for nothing, people are going with their lives, no one is caring about what you do (expect for people who loves and spare that particular feeling which makes them really happy when they see your smile), i have a question for you before i go any further, Have you ever got the feeling of everyone is watching you while you go in the street and suddenly you remember that you have to go back to the other side, and in that particular moment you get the weirdest feeling ever, the feeling that makes you believe that while you’re getting back from the same path, everyone is watching you and saying “ here is that weird person, coming back again she might lost her mind again” , well this is all in your head and if you really get your eyes up you’ll see that everyone is busy with his own luggage that he or she’s carrying in his or her back.

Free your mind and live your day in the way you want to.

Here i want to share with you a list of 5 things that will help you get used to the feeling of anxiety, which is a normal feeling, everyone in this earth is feeling anxious about something, but everyone finds his own way to live beside it and ignore it.

1. Exercising:

A good run will get your body and mind into a high level of concentration and will let you focus on the path that you are taking, also it’s perfect way to get your adrenaline up this will release the internal energy that you’re in need to.

This also will help you improve your health care and it’s a perfect remedy to quit smoking, build positive habits and clear your mind by setting a powerful mindset and a strong one.

Exercices will allow you also to have a peaceful sleep, as you may notice, the most annoying part of the day is when you’re going to bed, all of your stressful situations will get back to you while you’re preparing for a good night sleep, and this is when your anxiety party begins, well, sport exercises will definitely help you to get through this, it will create the connection between your body and your mind to the biological system to get used to sleeping times.

2. Reading & Writing

This is a two factor benefits, not only will keep you busy with your book that will get you into the other world of fiction or drama or whatever your interest is, it will also set a very stable and improving background for your knowledge and your general culture.

I know this a thing that you may have heard it a lot from your parents, your teachers, your famous speaker, but if you think about it for a second, you’ll get the whole idea in your mind, improving my general knowledge will definitely makes me up for engaging conversations with people, will definitely makes strong at proving my point of you and my presence around people.

Also having your small notebook on your desk is good way to keep tracing the older you, all things that you’ve written today will help you see another you for tomorrow.

3. Spend time with people who makes you laugh

Very important thing, even though you’re a shy person or getting anxious around people, but spending time with friends and colleagues that makes you laugh will definitely change your mood.

A recent study have shown that laughing releases endorphins which is related directly to the brain (opioid receptors), these last, the more a person has in his brain, the more focused and powerful mind he sets.

It also makes things easy for you to relief the anxiety that you’re going through during the day,

Moreover, watching funny movies or theatre with others is another way of conversation making about the acts and making laughs about them which also a very interesting remedy.

4. Meditate

Having your silent moment and loneliness place is very important, try to spend sometime alone with your mind clearing music, sit in a place where you enjoy having a moment of peace of mind, without any distraction from your daily surroundings.

Set a weekly or a Three Days plan in order to keep your Meditation routine sharp and get engaged with it, it’s all about forcing yourself to keep it as planned, the more you get involved with it the more you get focus on high level mindsets.

Meditation will also help you to set life goals, having that moment of peace, alone with your body and your mind, will makes you creative about setting your own goals and will let you define the track that you are willing to go through.

While meditating, think more about your life changes, and think about the fact that you’re precious to yourself, do not let anyone ruin your day for you, life is too short for letting anything or anyone steals the smile from your face every single day.

5. Help Others

the question that will rise in this fifth point is that, how can i help other while i’m not even able to help my self?

you’re totally wrong, you’re not unable to help yourself, the fact that you’re reading this and searching about how to improve yourself, and how to change your life, it is already a big step in helping yourself toward a better you.

Well about helping others, take it for granted, while you’re caring about others and helping them getting through them, it will make you learn about other things that school and teachers will never teach you, helping others will make you analyze others aspects of life and the purpose of improving yourself.

“Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.” — Isabel Allende

Every person is going through a lot, the poor, the rich, the famous, the business man, the student, the employee, … all of us have serious problems that are backing us and stopping us from getting forward but how long, take your life in your hand, plan for it and improve it.

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What is the way to get over shyness?

One Single Lesson i’ve learned and it was confirmed to me today Dec 4th 2017, DO NOT BE SHY, even if it’s beyond your hand, as it is the case for me, I try and I try to overcome it but in vain. But Today i’ve lived an event that was, I don’t know what to say, it was like a large foot stepping on my head, and why?


This is why, i searched for this particular question, in Real Life there’s only interests, no one will care about you or care about what you do, there’s only interests that get in the line, and once you’re SHY and a “YES” person, every single person who finds interest in you, will get all what he wants.

So why being so Shy that you “I” cannot even defend your own interest, why Being so shy that you cannot present yourself, and be strong enough to say “NO”:

  • No I cannot do that.
  • No I Won’t do that.
  • No It’s Not in my interest.

Shyness will kill your inside, shyness will prevent you from being what you’re dreaming of, Shyness will let you with a Head Down, GET up and Rise your head, No One is able to live the struggles that you’re living , No one will be able to step with you in every Step you take, except Yourself.


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How can I accept myself?

Think about it for a minute, who will appreciate a life more than more than the one who’s living it, no one is stepping on your shoes for every single second you live.

well who knows you better than you ?

No one, So you’re the one who’s able to judge yourself more than anyone else, you should start involving your feelings for yourself more than for others, this is in a way that you can appreciate more of what you have and not of what other have, Also be grateful for the things that you can do more than looking for what you cannot, this will get you to accept more yourself then comparing yourself to others.

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What if you thought positive and still have the same failures?

You Never give up about reaching success, if you’re already having positive thoughts so it’s a good start and you’re on the right path, having positive thoughts is the first step toward a long journey of failures and borders that you need to get the positive things from them and let them go.

Every failure have a lesson to teach, every border have tips and tricks to show, so being positive about your failures will get you to gather a lot of information and a lot of lessons that will build your background and will give you access to an infinite source of knowledge which is life experience.

But the cycle of success doesn’t start and end with positive thoughts, and if you’re thinking that being positive only, will get you to success, i’m sorry to say that you’re wrong.

Positive thoughts clears the path for you from being down and demotivated, it keeps you alive and it builds a huge backup for you to overcome fear of life, and experiencing new horizons.

So having your path cleared from the negativeness, you need to take ACTION, step your next step forward and take actions for your life, your positive thought have given you a base in which you’re stepping and differencing between the right and the wrong choices that you have learned before, so get your SWORD of Positivity and fight for your Goals:

  • Set your Main Goal, but don’t leave it far from you in a distance that you will judge it as impossible.
  • divide the way to your Goal into Checkpoints goals, these last ones will let you know that you’re advancing and you’re really stepping forward with your life.
  • Keep your positive thoughts at every Small Step that you take don’t let it go .
  • Celebrate and enjoy your step at every checkpoint you reach, this is very important in order to get used to it and get motivated for the next steps remaining.

in this way you’re getting closer to your main goal, one step to another, and be sure of it that you’ll get there, sooner or later, once you’re setting your mind for the goal that you’re fighting for, you’ll get it.

another thing that you’l need to set in your mind “people talks”. Humains will talk about your failures as well as your success, whether you’re doing it right or wrong, they will talk anyways, so let all the talks get in your ears, spread them into 3 main parts:

  • the positive and motivating talks, these words are welcomed and every speech shall be registered and reviewed.
  • the negative but constructive talks, those talks that are said in a way to criticise your work and your decisions but said with advices and with positive constructive ideas that may help progressing and stepping forward, these talks are also welcomed with careful process to get the needed critics and let go the others.
  • & The famous and most common Talks, that are said only to criticise your work and your progress, those talks that are said with hope to demolish all your way toward success and demotivate you. WELL !! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THESE ONES. TRASH AND ONLY TRASH. Don’t get to analyse them in order to take the right words from them, you only throw them to trash. as you know analyzing and getting through this kind of talks will definitely get you to change your mind and take decisions based on others POVs .

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How to build a habit ?

Do you know about the one minute rule, this famous one states that, if you can force your self to keep 1 min during your day to do one single thing every day at the same exact minute. you’ll get used to it after 7 days, which is well said.

Try to keep a single minute in your daily life, 1 minute to do a habit that you want to acquire, and it would be perfect to do it at the same time everyday so that you’ll get used to it, at the beginning, and in order to get comfortable with this process, i would propose for you to try it with something very simple as a start, for example: keep one minute before your get to bed to just brush you teeth at the same exact time everyday, this will get you used to sleep at the same early time that you want, this may allow you to get used to a daily routine before you sleep. with this 1 minute you can build another 5 minute when you’re getting used to it.

This Last is to keep yourself on track to build new good habits, and arrange your daily schedule.

There’s another thing that we suffer from when we are building habits, it’s what we call it laziness, there’s another approach of this concept, is that when you’re building a habit of one minute start, you never say that “ this is too much, i cannot do it” or “ i’m so tired i can’t go for this”, when you are building this 1 minute habit you get used to it simply and when you forget it one day you feel like you’re missing something and you won’t feel rested until you do it.

This one Minute rule can help you build very powerful habits that can change your life:

  • 1 minute reading before bed, can get you to read Books in no time.
  • 1 minute to make your bed once you get up, can get you to make a daily routine and wake up with energy.
  • 1 minute to make your daily plan once the office, may help you to re arrange your thoughts
  • 1 minute to meditation afterwork, may help you to build a restful routine to recharge your feelings and get rid of your daily stress.

All the task and the things that can be done in a minute, should be done.

Do not ignore this 1 minute thing, it might appear strange, but it worth a try it’s only 1 minute in your 1440 minutes a day.

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As an introvert myself, here how to improve communication?

Introvert who i am, i’m living with it since my childhood, but here i’m still standing, and proud of being introvert cause it’s making me as great person in the eyes of the few people that i know.

Introversion is not a negative point in your life, it’s not a way of living that will end your life but it’s totally the opposite, it make your life easier as you’re not going to deal with lot of people, and make a lot of friends which will put you in situation to judge or to make choices that are not going to be in your interest.

As for the issue of communication, it’s not big of a deal, if you want to keep going and improve your skills, it’s up to you, it’s not a matter of introversion.

There’s a way of living with introversion, because living fighting a situation that you’re living in for years will make you suffer for years again, why shall we suffer when we’re able to live with it, the fact is to keep yourself motivated and focus on your :

  • languages, try to learn other languages to get to know other people that will change your life and get new ideas.
  • try to keep yourself busy: Read a loooot, reading will make your knowledge upgraded.
  • Learn new things.
  • Find your interests and fill your time .
  • listen to podcasts about communication skills.

these above points, are powerful in order to live with your introversion, but there’s another step that we, as introvert, should know:

  • Love yourself, and be positive about it, don’t kill your feelings being introvert.
  • feel free, enjoy your time alone.
  • Leave people’s judgements, don’t take in consideration the negative points of view that you hear about yourself as no one knows you better than you

Well this is to positify the introversion concept in your mind, we live with few people in our surroundings and we deal with few people problems.

As for the communication skills, well as i see things, there’s no limit for that, there’s no border to keep you away from communicating with others, few skills that i have learned my self:

  • write your main thoughts and discuss them with yourself loudly, this is to prepare for meetings or so.
  • get your sufficient time for thinking before talking to people, don’t run into answering quickly. as for me, i was in same situation i try to answer the quickest possible in order to finish the conversation the soonest.
  • try to get used to look at your opponent eyes, it’s very hard in the beginning but you’ll get used to it by practicing.
  • breathe normally, try to control your breath while talking, don’t keep yourself out of air in order to complete your discussion, take your time for breathing then continue.
  • imagine things, it’s important to imagine things while talking to another person, this is not going to get you out of the discussion but it will make you focused on the words that are coming into your ears.
  • enjoy the after discussion time, once you feel that you’ve ended a discussion which was making stress on you, go and celebrate and enjoy the win, because you’re going to live with your introversion and you’re going to succeed in your life.

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Things to do when you feel empty in your life?

First thing first is that you need to ask yourself a question. what do i do on my daily life and my daily schedule?

Well this might be beneficial for you to identify what do you really do in your life, what activities are you performing, what food are you eating, what rest are you taking, who are your friends … etc

Those questions are very powerful, because its let you know a thing, which is the fact that, do you really accept what you’re doing? do you like & love what you’re doing? well if you’re answer is yes so you’re not feeling empty, you’re just having a tough moment which will pass through after having a delicious meal that you like.

But if not, well here where we come and talk, the process of identifying your activities will make you think and feel the things that you do, and really get through the details of your interests and your dislikes. we are humains, we never accept the fact of living same thing and same routine every single day, but if you like and you’re enjoying your daily schedule, so you are definitely going to perform better and you will create and change your daily book automatically.

We feel empty when we are doing thing that we do it just because we have to do it, without any enjoyment, without any feeling of motivation and greatness.

  • take 1 min a day and think of a small thing that can change 1 min in your life, well as example, read a paragraph everyday in one minute, and do not think that this minute is just waste of time and energy. keep doing it and each time you enjoy it, continue for another minute. if not enjoying it, CHANGE IT . go sing for 1, dance for a minute, pray for a minute, write for a minute, play guitar for a minute …….
  • be active, no more up and down in your facebook account, no more flash news about stars and actors, be more active to search for things you don’t know of, to discover new things.
  • FREE TIME, there’s no free time in life, free time means time for yourself, to improve yourself, to upgrade yourself.
  • Meditate, take sometime of your “Free Time”, 15 to 20 minute to meditate, release your mind and focus on your internal energy.
  • make new connections, get to know new people.
  • Sleep well, as we say “no pain no gain”, it’s true but resting and having a recharge time is very important to recover your energy.
  • Eat well and drink Water a lot, your food and water are your main energy, don’t mess with this part.

the emptiness in our life is cause by the fact that we’re not appreciating what we’re doing, cause sometime we say that “ i’m not doing a thing” – well actually you can’t stay fixed without doing any single thing, it’s a must that you’re doing something ( facebook, videos, walking from a room to another, flipping channels,….) , you are doing something for sure, but you’re not really appreciating, not interested and not enjoying it.

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I need to reboot my life. What should I do?

Well there’s a mistake in this life, and that we all make. we all at a particular moment we get up in a morning and we’re full of our yesterday’s burden, with all the packages of problems that we carry. we get up and say i want a reboot , i want a new page for my life.

Well i’m sorry to say, and that i say to my self too, there’s no new page to open, the new page that you’ll open either it has a back ( a verso) that when you get it into light it shows the writings on the back, or you’re opening a new page with blank verso but it’s facing the writing on the previous page.

This new page that we all care about and trying to open, and we are eager to discover what we’re going to write on it.

We just open it and the first sentence to write is not come up.

This new page that we’re trying to build our new life in it, it’s a part of a book, and it’s a good thing that this page is a part of a book, we all know that paper that we cut off from a book, where it ends up, from place to another, from pocket to another until one day it becomes a peace of trash that we throw it, sometimes we try to recover the main info in it before throwing but in most cases we throw it as there’s not much to recover.

So as i see things, it’s a great thing to keep your new page in that book, that book where you have written a whole life of your’s, that book where you have transcript the experiences that you lived, that book where you gathered all your feelings, memories, failures,… etc.

Well here some small advices that i can assure that they will help you get in your success track:

Before opening that new page, either backing or facing the previous writings, get the next page of your life book, and try to sum up your life in it:

NB : in this Part i really mean that paper in a notebook. take a pen and a note book to write.

  • write down your most Negative Experiences
  • write down your worst failures
  • write down the most habits you don’t like

NB : in my point of view, starting by thinking about negative thoughts make you more curious to get out from the bad and search for your Best and happy moments.

  • Write down your good Memories
  • Write down your best success
  • Write down your Best Qualitites

By this step we summarise our life in a brief way, we have gathered our best enemies and best friends in one page.

For that Famous new page, new beginning that we all search for, here we can open it up in our current book without fear of getting all the burden of the book, but we have summarised our life in the previous page where we got our bad experiences that we will fight to avoid, and we got our best moment in life that we will fight to keep and fight more to achieve.

our book of life is mountain of rocks and flowers, we need to look at it’s positive bright side, every experience we live is a lesson to learn from, do not run from your past as it’s the one who taught you life and taught you tricks and sheets to live among this world of success and failures, of good and bad things, of friends and enemies.

but don’t let it destroy your present and future life, keep the memories for lessons purpose only and enjoy your little success to forget your pain, enjoy every single little success that you reach, this will help you keep your positive mood and keep you on the success and winning path.

Other small points that i want to share with you

  • be thankful for every single happy moment
  • be happy whenever you remember good memories and be careful whenever you think about bad moments (learn and turn your back to it)
  • Help others it will make you see life diffentely
  • be patient & don’t rush, all comes when it’s time for it to show up
  • Forgive people, it will release a loot of stress from your past.

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“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” ― August Wilson